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Sister Janet Mead
Australian Award 2004

The music playing is
'The Lord Our God Is KIng'
from 'A Time To Sing' album

With You I Am

"I believe that life is a unity and therefore not divided into compartments. That means that worship, music, recreation, work and all other 'little boxes' of our lives are really inseparable and this is why I believe that people should be given the opportunity to worship God with the language and music that is part of their ordinary life. The words of the songs on this record almost all come from books of the Bible, which so richly expresses the longings of our heart, our loneliness, our joy, our dependence on God, our desire to love our fellow man and to live in peace. We all recognise these yearnings --- they are ours and are common to each of our lives.

In the 'Lord's Prayer' there is a phrase which expresses what I believe is Christ's ideal. It says, "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". That is what I think Christ tried to bring about. He kept talking about initiating the kingdom of heaven on earth. What I think he meant was that he wanted us to share in His vision of drawing people together in happiness, joy and peace. Music has all the qualities to help in this --- it breaks down barriers, unites, makes us forget ourselves, makes us aware of others and is totally involving.

In my life I have had the great happiness of seeing many people work together for good. My parents who first taught me to love, the community of nuns in which I work, the students in my school in Adelaide, my very numerous friends, the young people who have devoted their time to preparing each week for hours for their Youth Masses and now the record company with which I have worked to make this record. If I, one person, have seen so many people of goodwill in a comparatively short life, surely it is innately in us all to work together in our own small way for the unity of humankind."

J.C. Mead (Sister of Mercy) from her album 'With You I Am' 1974


But I Am Smaller Than My Song

"It seems to me that each person has a 'song' to sing, which is the expression of his or her wholeness. The more untrammelled we are by fears of risks and hurt involved in giving our whole self to people or situations, then the more is the resulting happiness. It is easy to see the effect of a pop-tune which is a success and heard all over the world, because it has very obvious results. Not so easy is it, to see the more lasting effects of the kind of person we allow ourselves to become. Each of us works out what is our vision of life. The spark of originality in each one of us is the unique way in which we have to pass it on. Christ's vision of wholeness and complete giving is something which is being endlessly passed on, and in the same way each one of us has this gift. And so, I guess it's up to each one of us to sing our song as best we can, so that what we have to give of ourselves becomes part of every person we contact. In turn, as it is enhanced by the additions each person, who hears it, makes from within himself or herself, it becomes greater and more beautiful. I want very much to thank the girls and boys in my rock group, each of whom has given so much of themselves to so many people, with great love, generosity and wholeness. It is to them I dedicate this record."

J.C. Mead (Sister of Mercy) from her album 'A Rock Mass' 1975


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